Rhiannon Alpers' BoxMaking Class

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Bookbinders, printers, librarians and a mystery writer joined San Franciscan artist Rhiannon Alpers for a box making workshop June 13-14 at BookArtsLA. Over the two days students made a variety of enclosures, including a phase box, slipcase, and clamshell box. Rhiannon was a patient and supportive instructor, and demonstrated new tips and tricks, and a great Resource List was created.

In addition to handmade books, these style cases can also be used to house collections and objects. When Rhiannon taught at BookArtsLA in November 2014, her course included custom boxes to house books and beautiful items.



Our June course focused on the idea of housings for books. Part of our excitement is that through our series of introductory courses and workshops, BookArtsLA has been generating a lot of beautiful handmade books. This course gave us the tools to make enclosures for those books.

 Clamshell Box and slipcase completed during the workshop, case on left made by Stanley Strauss - center and right cases by Danita Rafalovich 




 An added and delightful bonus happened during one of the workshop lunch breaks, a spontaneous show-and-tell was held. Author Kate Carlisle described the plots to some of her Bibliophile Mysteries, and Danita Rafalovich talked about her latest quilting works. Proof, once again, that bookmakers are multi-talented, creative, and fun people. 

Join us for one of our upcoming classes, Book Arts Intensive - One Day, Many Structures, June 27 or Introduction to Letterpress on July 12.

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