Box making resource list

Rhiannon shared with us some of her special tools and materials. Students added their suggestions and Stanley put it all together in a list: 

Boxmaking with Rhiannon Alpers

June 13-14, 2015


Resource List

Book Board (soft)

Best when cutting your own board by hand. Hollander’s will also cut board to your specifications and ship from Michigan.

Available from Hollander’s, Gane Brothers, Paper Source


Brass Folding Strips

Set of 5 brass strips from ¼” to 2”, all 12” long

Available from Hollander’s and train hobby shops


Double-sided Tape

3M #415 available in rolls ¼” x 36 yards to 1” x 36 yards

Available from Talas and selected sizes from Amazon


Graph Paper

For plotting sizes of box parts

Recommend size is 8 squares per inch

Available from Amazon and office supply stores


Husky Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife

For cutting book board. Blade doesn’t wobble. Sheffield makes a similar knife.

Available from, hardware and craft stores.


Marine Grade Sandpaper

80 grit, 150 grit, 220 grit

Available from Amazon and larger hardware stores


Methyl Cellulose

For thinning PVA.

Available from Talas



A precision tool for measuring thickness of objects such as book board

Available in a variety of styles and price ranges

Available from, hardware and craft stores


Rubber Cement Pick Up

Also called Adhesive Pick Up. For removing excess adhesive from surfaces.

Available from Talas, Amazon


Safe-T-Cut Ruler Straight Edge

Sizes from 12” to 72”

Available from Cutting-Mats, Amazon 


T-Square with Base

For use while gluing walls to base.

Available from Westwood Power Tools 


We'll add as we learn about other tools and materials from our classes. 









Rhiannon Alpers:

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