Box making resource list

Rhiannon shared with us some of her special tools and materials. Students added their suggestions and Stanley put it all together in a list: 

Boxmaking with Rhiannon Alpers

June 13-14, 2015


Resource List

Book Board (soft)

Best when cutting your own board by hand. Hollander’s will also cut board to your specifications and ship from Michigan.

Available from Hollander’s , Gane Brothers , Paper Source m


Brass Folding Strips

Set of 5 brass strips from ¼” to 2”, all 12” long

Available from Hollander’s  and train hobby shops


Double-sided Tape

3M #415 available in rolls ¼” x 36 yards to 1” x 36 yards

Available from Talas  and selected sizes from Amazon


Graph Paper

For plotting sizes of box parts

Recommend size is 8 squares per inch

Available from Amazon m and office supply stores


Husky Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife

For cutting book board. Blade doesn’t wobble. Sheffield makes a similar knife.

Available from , hardware and craft stores.


Marine Grade Sandpaper

80 grit, 150 grit, 220 grit

Available from Amazon  and larger hardware stores


Methyl Cellulose

For thinning PVA.

Available from Talas



A precision tool for measuring thickness of objects such as book board

Available in a variety of styles and price ranges

Available from , hardware and craft stores


Rubber Cement Pick Up

Also called Adhesive Pick Up. For removing excess adhesive from surfaces.

Available from Talas , Amazon


Safe-T-Cut Ruler Straight Edge

Sizes from 12” to 72”

Available from Cutting-Mats, Amazon 


T-Square with Base

For use while gluing walls to base.

Available from Westwood Power Tools 


We'll add as we learn about other tools and materials from our classes. 









Rhiannon Alpers:

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