Letterpress Open Studio

We created Open Studio, a complete letterpress studio,

  • to be a place to encourage independent work,
  • to provide a venue for people to complete more complicated projects than they can complete during a workshop, and
  • to provide a resource and equipment for people who want to continue printing outside a workshop.
  • To foster a sense of community of book artists to share information and work.

 The Studio

  • Two Vandercooks, a Sp-15 (manual inking) and a Universal I;
  • Two C&P tabletop clam shell presses;
  • A proof press;
  • A Pearl (in preparation);
  • Wood and metal furniture for the presses;
  • Spacing and leading to set metal type;
  • A varied collection of metal type including display and text types: Text type includes full range of Baskerville, Caslon and 20th Century and Venus. Display types from 8 – 96.press lock up BookArtsLA vandercook

 Become a Member

  • Become a member. Fill out the application at Application;
  • Proficiency with the Presses and Materials or attend Introduction to Letterpress;
  • Agree to deposit three copies of any work done at BookArtsLA Open Studio to BookArtsLa.


  1. A membership is $150 per month. We require an initial committment of minimum 3 months. With consent of the treasurer, you may pay monthly. Payment must be made before you begin a monthly session;
  2. Pay online for membership dues on the BookArtsLA website 
  3. First session using the studio, you will meet with a coach to go over use of the equipment and rules. After that you will work on your own;
  4. Coach fees are $25/hour, minimum one hour. This includes any design discussions, press and type setting instruction. The coach fee can be also be paid on the BookArtsLA website
  5. Type deposit is $50 per project;
  6. Studio time includes any work done in the studio during your time, including but not limited to printing, type setting, design, linoleum cutting;
  7. You are responsible for cleanup including presses and materials;
  8. You should plan on at least a half hour for cleanup.

 Reserve Studio Time

  1. Reserve time to openstudio@bookartsLA.org;
  2. Studio Manager will discuss your project and confirm time;
  3. Can have two artists working at one time;
  4. Cancellations must be given 24 hours in advance;
  5. Letterpress classes take precedence.

 In the Studio

  1. Studio Manager will be on site to monitor studio use but is not there to provide instruction. If you anticipate needing help you can schedule a coach at a fee to work with you;
  2. You can use our tools at the studio - job sticks, type rulers, type and spacing but it all has to stay at the studio. If you bring your own tools, ink knives, rulers, etc please label them with your name so there's no confusion;
  3. A type deposit will be collected of $50 - refundable if you distribute type in 30 days. If not, we put it back and keep the deposit;
  4. Everything must be cleaned up, if not cleaned up we'll call or email you and ask you to come back and clean up;
  5. You provide your own paper (after consultation with studio manager); we provide ink, rags and solvents.


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