Thank you for joining us for Poetry + Press

Thank you to everyone who attended Poetry + Press, along with the poets who shared their work with us. The afternoon was, as promised, a celebration of poetry and printing.

UCLA Professor Johanna Drucker presented a short introduction on visual poetry and typographic invention. Next up was a series of readings from the new anthology Angle of Reflection, featuring the work of 10 prize-winning, widely published Los Angeles poets, some of whom have been workshopping together for 20 years. Including - Marjorie Becker, Jeanette Clough, Paul Lieber, Sarah Maclay, Holaday Mason, Jim Natal, Jan Wesley, Brenda Yates, and Mariano Zaro

Following the reading, participants dove into the world of handset type and letterpress printing working. Learn more about the event and all of the participants in our blog post announcing the April 30 event.

BookArtsLA April 30 Poetry + Press event

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