What to expect in a Letterpress Type Slam?

The BookArtsLA Type Slam is limited to only 6 students. It’s a fast-paced event where in one evening you transform an idea into a hand-printed letterpress poster. The Type Slam is appropriate for someone with no experience, or for those printers who need a brief re-introduction to work with moveable type. The evening focuses on exploring wood type, which is an often more substantial size and manageable to set and mold into a sculptural form. With the equipment available, a variety of colors explored through hand-inking or mixing colors on the cylinder presses - all have successful outcomes for your final poster.

bookartsla typeslam letterpress

Led by artists/educators Lorna Turner and Janet Kupchick, you’ll get a brief overview of printing with handset type (all the letters are backward, so this is also an excellent opportunity to practice proofreading). As your poster starts to come to life, there will be a broad discussion of design principals. Each Type Slams has a preset theme, and a handout supplied to help generate ideas. Previous topics have been Resolutions, Earth Day, springtime, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Cliché, and Bastille Day – you get the idea.

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In addition to passing out typographic knowledge, there are also snacks. Yum! While you’re waiting to print, you can help co-slammer select letters, or assist in printing, learn about each other, and while always enjoying some of the nosh provided by BookArts.

We are finalizing the schedule for our Fall Type Slams. Hold your spot by registering online (remember there are only six students per workshop). 

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