YART Sale August 19 from 9 am to 2 pm

Is your studio overflowing with supplies purchased in a moment of optimism and energy? Now is the time to clean those extra tools and materials out of your space and get some room to work.

$15 buys a space for you to sell all your extra art supplies at a giant yard sale just for artists and their friends. You can register for a table through our website.

Need some additional motivation? Here's a view of Francis Bacon's studio

Francis Bacon's studio

Following Francis Bacon’s death in 1992 his infamous studio was as the artist left it until 1998 when it was donated to the Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane by Bacon’s heir John Edwards and Brian Clarke, executor of the Estate of Francis Bacon.

The meticulous studio relocation demanded a team of archaeologist survey and draw up elevation drawings, mapping spaces and the location of its contents.

Read more about the studio, including details on what they moved (books, walls, supplies, a thick layer of dust, too) at blog.francisbacon.com

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