#2053 Type Forensics, Dec 12, with Amy Redmond

$ 65.00

Make good on your "some day" promise to organize your letterpress collection! In this 2-hour online workshop you'll embark on an adventure in type forensics with Amy Redmond of Amada Press & Partners in Print. Learn to identify metal type by its physical traits, turn the dreaded spreadsheet into your favorite printer's devil, and curate a useful collection without adopting every stray typeface that follows you home. Before long you'll be well down the path of conscientious stewardship, whether you have your own studio or work in a community space. 

Amy will share:

  • how she stumbled into metal type forensics
  • what you can learn about a typeface without printing it
  • how her former disdain for spreadsheets shifted to viewing them as an important studio tool

Topics covered:

  • Assessing a type collection:
    • Critical reference materials & the physical tools of metal type forensics
    • Birthmarks & tattoos: Key physical traits of metal type
    • Building an inventory-friendly environment
    • Utilizing a spreadsheet, on your own terms
  • Type Curation: Identifying & eliminating redundancy in a collection
    • Setting ground rules & adhering to them
    • Employing foundry-agnostic sorting categories
  • Conscientious letterpress stewardship: 
    • Building a useful collection without becoming a hoarder
    • Understanding your role in letterpress history, & its future

Learning Objectives

My goal is to mobilize an army of amateur type-sleuths to ensure that our treasured letterpress collections, regardless of size or provenance, are actively enjoyed and passed forward with their ancestry intact.

  1. Learn ink-free methods to identify metal type by its physical traits & deepen your knowledge of letterforms
  2. Utilize a spreadsheet to organize & streamline use of type & equipment
  3. Understanding your role in the history and future of letterpress printing 

Who Should Take This Class?

Letterpress printers, custodians of letterpress collections, & typography fans of all skill levels. (Also helpful for anyone thinking about estate planning & how to equip loved ones with a tool to facilitate placement of personal collections in a new/loving home.)

Type Forensics, Saturday, December 12 from 10 am to 12 pm (PST)

This is a Virtual Class, you will attend by zoom. The link to the class will be sent one day in advance.

About the Instructor | Amy Redmond (Amada Press) is a visual designer, artist and educator whose work is connected by the thread of typography — a passion forged early in her career through her letterpress printing apprenticeship with Stern & Faye, Printers. She works with clients affecting positive change in communities and leads typography courses at Seattle's School of Visual Concepts, where she's also been teaching letterpress printing for the past 17 years — most recently through that studio's new identity as Partners in Print. Amy holds a BFA from James Madison University (Virginia) and is a member of Seattle Print Arts, the Amalgamated (ACPA), Artist Trust, the Book Arts Guild, and Amalgamated Printers Association (No. 937).

Please consider:

This workshop is a demonstration/discussion format. It is not designed for you to work along with the instructor, so no materials are required.

Only include who needs to be there. We hope you catch the spirit and want to teach everyone you know how to make books. Plan to do that after the class, please don't include family members, neighbors, pets in this call.